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    Registration and Breakfast

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    Welcome & Opening Remarks
    Goshka Folda, President & CEO, Investor Economics and Global Head of Research, Strategic Insight

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    Disrupting the Global Trading Order: a step backwards or forwards?
    When the WTO was created in 1995 it symbolized the rise of a new global economic order – one defined, not by divergence and rivalry among the world’s economic powers, but by their convergence around the importance of liberalizing trade, deepening integration, and strengthening international cooperation.  But recent challenges to this global economic order – especially from its main architect, the United States – raise important questions about where international trade relations are headed in the future, and how Canada should respond. One thing that seems certain is that the status quo is no longer an option.
    Keynote Speaker
    John Hancock, Head, Policy Development, WTO Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland

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    Profound Change in Asset Management – How to Adapt?
    The asset management business is undergoing profound change, driven by a host of forces from within and external to the industry. Evolution and adaptation are new industry watchwords, as asset managers and wealth distributors chart new paths. Hear from two leading lights of Canada’s wealth management industry in individual interviews.
    INTERVIEWER: Goshka Folda

    Paul Lorentz, Head, Global Wealth and Asset Management, Manulife
    David ScandiffioPresident and CEO, CIBC Asset Management
    Discussion will include:
    • Will intelligent robots replace humans as portfolio managers in the future?
    • Combating margin compression
    • Will products evolve with the onslaught of massive amounts of investor data?
    • Reaching the investor of the future
    • The future of integrated manufacturing and distribution models against the backdrop of regulatory developments

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    The Artificial Intelligence Race — Transformation of Financial Services
    Artificial Intelligence and its advanced technologies are set to transform business, including financial services, in ways we’ve not seen since the Industrial Revolution. To ride the rising wave of AI, financial services companies will have to navigate evolving standards, regulations and risk dynamics. Discover how financial services can best integrate AI into their operations and how to harness its potential with real life examples.
    Brian Peters, President and CEO, MD Financial Management
    Ben Schwartz, AVP, Head of Advanced/Operational Analytics, Chief Data Office, Wealth & Asset Management, Manulife
    Randy Swanberg, Senior Vice President, Automation & Artificial Intelligence, State Street Corporation

    Neil Macdonald, Managing Director, Scotia Asset Management

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    The Next Chapter in the Robo Tale: Technology + Advice = A New Competitive Landscape
    After the launch of several online advice start-ups in 2014, the most recent chapter in Canada’s current financial services innovation narrative was quickly monopolized by the robo-advice discussion. But just as robo-advice has evolved beyond the direct-to-client arena, established distributors have also begun to consider more technology-assisted modes of delivering advice. The next chapter in the tale is centered around how technology is changing Canada’s advice landscape as a whole. This session brings together those on the forefront of this evolution to share their thoughts on what’s next for an industry in flux.
    Randy Cass, CEO, Founder, Portfolio Manager, Nest Wealth
    JF Courville, Chief Executive Officer, Wealthsimple for Advisors
    Brett McDonald, Consultant, Strategic Insight
    Gregory Smith, Managing Director, Wealth Management Lead for Canada, Accenture’s Financial Services Consulting Group

    Rose Cammareri, President, Prince Arthur Capital

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    Lessons from South of the Border: Key Forces Shaping U.S. Fund Industry Change
    The fund business in the United States sits at an important crossroads with the pace of change likely to accelerate ahead. Strategic Insight’s research provides insights into how evolving investor demand traits, shifting distribution business models, and changing pricing dynamics have pushed U.S. fund managers to a critical inflection point.
    Dennis Bowden, Managing Director, U.S. Research, Strategic Insight

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    Data Aggregation in Wealth Management – Threat or Opportunity for Canadian Wealth Managers?
    To aggregate or not to aggregate? That is not the question! Fundamentally Open Banking is driven by data aggregation. And with Open Banking reforms in Europe, UK and Australia mandating financial institutions to comply with new data access requirements, the question isn’t “if” but “when and how” Canadian institutions will accommodate a client’s right to access their own data.
    Key Information Points:
    • Open banking – what does it really mean for consumers and financial firms?
    • Lessons learned in other global jurisdictions
    • Opportunities for Canadian wealth managers
    • Threats if 3rd parties fill the void
    • Advisor adoption – how does their world change?
    Stephanie Choo, Partner, Portag3 Ventures
    David PetersManaging Director, Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company
    Lori Weir, CEO and Co-Founder, Four Eyes Financial

    Chuck Grace, Associate Director, Ivey Scotia Digital Lab

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    The Global View – Sales Trends, Politics and Regulation 
    Keep informed on key trends in Europe and Asia with a focus on how product manufacturers and distributors are responding to competitive pressures, political volatility and a dynamic regulatory environment. 
    Alastair Wainright, Senior Consultant, Global Research, Strategic Insight

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    Have Regulation and Client Focused Reforms Entered a Tsunami Stage?With What Results?
    In the past decade, financial services regulators around the world have emerged as a proactive change factor from the long shadow cast by the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Armed with a wide-ranging slate of proposals and rules, investment regulators are increasingly unafraid to disrupt tried-and-tested industry business models in the search of superior investor outcomes.
    But are the new regulations truly empowering investors?
    How will industry players and newcomers recast their models for new regulatory regimes? Will government support remain steadfast?
    Prema Thiele, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais

  14. Closing Remarks
    Goshka Folda, President & CEO, Investor Economics and Global Head of Research, Strategic Insight

  15. Cocktail Reception

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